Swim Fin

Learning to swim is one of those life skills that everyone needs to know, especially here in New Zealand where we are surrounded by water. 

SwimFin has been proven to speed up learning to swim by up to 30% and the best part about the SwimFin is Kids have fun while they are learning.

SwimFin is a unique, self-adjusting swimming aid for all ages and abilities, set to change the way Kiwi kids learn to swim.  SwimFin is endorsed by four-time Olympic gold medal swimmer Libby Trickett in Australia and New Zealand.   

SwimFin for Beginners      

SwimFin's fun shark design makes encouraging beginners into the water really easy

There is no restriction of movement to the arms or legs

The child is suspended in a verticle position, while not being tipped forward

Children have so much fun being a shark or dolphin that they forget that they are learning to swim.

SwimFin for Intermediate Level Swimmers

As the child starts to kick and paddle, the SwimFins buoyancy promotes the correct position in the water.

This makes the child become more horizontal in the water and the SwimFin automatically starts to rise up out of the water, providing the minumum support required for the childs ability.

Once the child  lifts their head, rests or stops swimming, the SwimFin is immediately submerged again giving them increased support when they need it. 

SwimFin for Advanced Level Swimmers

At this stage, the SwimFin is now completely out of the water, providing no support for the child.

The streamlined design doesn't create any drag.

Instead SwimFin can be used for advanced stroke correction by providing support when needed to allow more time for the swimmers to think about what they are doing.

Teaching Backstroke

SwimFin is so flexible that it can even be used to teach backstroke, while worn in exactly the same position as with the other strokes.

SwimFin provides maximum support from below whilst encouraging balance and core strength

It acts like a keel on a yacht.

SwimFin will assist in the return to the safe vertical position by simply rolling them on to their fronts.

It can also act as a handle to help support the swimmer